Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Reading Pals

During the summer of 2015, P.E.T. P.A.L.S. partnered with the Waverly and Denver libraries to create a program we call Reading Pals.

A total of ten different dogs participated at various times during the three months. Six dogs visited in Waverly each week in June and listened to children as they read aloud to practice and improve their fluency and expression. Two dogs made the weekly trip to Denver during part of July and August where eager students again shared a favorite book.

Some of the dogs preferred to sit while others laid down next to the student. All of the dogs were attentive and listened politely to each child.  Of course, none of them were there to judge the student's reading. They just wanted to encourage their friends and help the students to gain confidence in

their reading ability. There have been very positive comments to this program both from students and their parents.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sturgis Falls 2015

Watch for the Pet Pals Booth at Sturgis Falls 2015!
We will have our booth set up again this year on June 28th!
Please stop by!